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  Systematic Study Package to Crack MHT-CET (Engineering)

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  •   Systematic Study Package to Crack MHT-CET (Engineering)
  •   Subjects covered - Physics, Chemistry, Maths
  •   Course designed by renowned subject experts
  •   Comprehensive Theory with solved examples for concept clarification
  •   4800 Questions covering Subjective, Numerical and State Board Problems.
  •   Chapter-wise video lectures on Important Concepts, Tips, Tricks and Short-cut Methods, by expert faculty
  •   Chapter-wise Synopsis with Formulae
  •   1200 Chapter-wise Exercise problems with detailed Solutions
  •   5500 Exhaustive Questions in Question Bank with detailed Solutions.
  •   53 Chapter-wise Unit Tests with detailed Solutions.
  •   MHT-CET – 5 Full Syllabus Papers with detailed Solutions
  •   Latest MH-CET 2015 Paper with detailed Solution
  •   Add-on features
    •   Latest Std.XII State Board Papers (March 2015 & October 2014) with detailed solutions
    •   3 Sets of Std.XII Prelim Papers (Physics, Chemistry, Maths) with detailed solutions


  •   Clarifies and strengthens concepts
  •   Helps to gauge your preparation level and improve upon it
  •   Sharpens your problem solving ability through effective and efficient problem solving methods
  •   Builds accuracy and speed through practice and test taking strategies
  •   Develops the right exam temperament.
  •   Develops a strong confidence to face the actual MHT-CET